CME Associates, Inc.

"Our web site was outdated and not very pleasing in appearance. Bill and his wife were very helpful and knowledgeable in getting our site to be both users friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Bill has been very responsive as well as proactive in updating and linking the site as needed. It is a pleasure to work with Bill."

John R. Dreger, Jr.
IT Coordinator
CME Associates

Karen C.L. Anderson

"As a writer, it's important that I have a place where potential clients can view samples of my writing, as well as get an idea of who I am. Bill & April did a fabulous job of designing a web site that is clean, easy to navigate and feels like me.

Karen C.L. Anderson
New London, CT

Septic Snooper

"JuneBug Multimedia was a pleasure to work with. They helped take our very limited existing website and expanded it into something that not only offers our clients more info in an easy and inviting format, but one in which they can interact directly with us to educate themselves on septic system health, troubleshooting, and the Do's and Don't's of living with a septic system. We can now present our products and services to the public in a format that answers most of their questions and acts as a resource for the homeowner. JuneBug was able to take some simple ideas and designs that we had and make them into a working site that was exactly what we wanted.

All in all, it was a very easy and enjoyable experience and a partnership that we look forward to working in years to come.

Daniel P. Donovan
Frisella Engineering: Assistant Engineer

Nancy Oppenheimer

"Working with Bill was and is a perfect experience. He is professional, pleasant, caring, and responsive. He did a great job creating my website and continues to update it as needed. I am fussy and demanding, usually, but Bill addresses issues before I bring them up, so, bottom line, I'm 100% pleased with his work and his professionalism and would recommend his work to anyone."

Nancy Oppenheimer Owner

Rogers Kitchens

"As someone who didn't have a clue when we started our project, it turned out better then I could have hoped for. Thanks"

Darlene Smith
Rogers Kitchens

Frisella Engineering

"We are very pleased with the design and functionality of both of our web sites. Bill is very creative giving us several ideas and recommendations to improve the layout and navigation for our visitors. We have made several updates, which were done well and quickly. Additionally, Bill has coordinated our move to a new web
hosting service and later assisted us with technical support. We highly recommend JuneBug Multimedia.

Jeff Balch
CFrisella Engineering

JuneBug Consulting

"From start to finish my contact with Bill and JuneBug Multimedia was cordial and professional. Bill was a great listener as I described what I was looking for in a website, and it was enjoyable exchanging our stories of how we came to be 'junebugs.' My site is just what I need it to be right now, and as my business grows, I have full confidence Bill will be there to
take my site to the next step.

June Brinkman
CEO, JuneBug Consulting, LLC
Las Vegas, NV.

Holistic Expressions

"Bill & April: I so enjoyed working with you two. I appreciated your patience and creative input while I was designing my site. You were able to bring my ideas and visions to a whole other level, thus helping me make my web site dream come true, one page at a time....and boy do I have a lot of pages! Some of my ideas were complex and you were able to assist me in getting clear. Thank you both so much!"

Valerie Walsh
Holistic Expressions: Owner

Christ Church

"I have worked with Bill at JuneBug Multimedia for several years now, maintaining and updating the Christ Church web page. With his help the website was redesigned and has become a great source of information for visitors as well as the parish family. As more people use the internet to find information about the church and it's resources, Bill provides me with the assistance I need to properly maintain the website and keep it up to date. He suggests ways to update sections and is a constant source of information regarding website design."

Roberta Zutavern
Christ Chrurch Westerly Rhode Island: Webmaster